• Tech in Churches 

    Research Team

    Dr. Heidi A Campbell

    Principal Investigator &
    Project Director

    Professor at Texas A&M University

    Heidi Campbell is a Professor of Communication, affiliate faculty in Religious Studies, and a Presidential Impact Fellow at Texas A&M University, Heidi is also director of the Network for New Media, Religion, and Digital Culture Studies. Her research focuses on intersections between technology, religion and digital culture, with an emphasis on Jewish, Muslim & Christian negotiations with digital media.

    Dr. Campbell has recently published a number of e-Books that relate to digital culture, religion, and the COVID-19 pandemic. These include The Distanced Church,  Religion in Quarantine,   Social Distancing in a World of Memes, and Digital Ecclesiology.

    Jennifer Daly

    Senior Research Associate

    Instructional Assistant at University of North Texas

    Jenn Daly is a Senior Research Associate for Dr. Campbell. She is currently a Ph.D. student at Texas A&M University in the Educational Psychology Developmental-Neuroscience program. As a bilingual, first-generation Latina-American student, she has been passionate about education and holds both a Master's degree in Counseling (MAC) and a Master's degree in Educational Psychology, Developmental Science (MEd). As part of her research, she is working on three projects, Tech in Churches, Risky Play, and Kids in COVID-19. Among her interests are aging, health, neuroscience, and learning.

    Sophia Osteen

    Senior Research Assistant

    Graduate Student at Wheaton College

    Sophia Osteen graduated from Texas A&M University in 2020 with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Public Health. Currently, she works as a lead researcher on this project, as well as an Editorial Assistant for Dr. Campbell. She has been involved in several projects exploring how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted religious groups in America and beyond through the NMRDC. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Wheaton College.

    Sophia has co-authored several articles with Dr. Campbell, including  "Moving Towards a Digital Ecclesiology: Key Themes and Questions" in the eBook Digital Ecclesiology (2020) and Lessons from Revisiting The Distanced Church in the eBook Revisiting The Distanced Church (2021).

    Andrea Wallace

    Research Assistant

    Undergraduate Student at Texas A&M University

    Andrea Wallace is a junior Telecommunications major at Texas A&M University, with a minor in Journalism and Urban Design. Though she is from San Antonio, she spent the first ten years of her life in Panama City, Panama. This has given her a unique experience as a bilingual student, which she feels enriches her education and life experience overall.

  • Advisory Board

    Associate for Digital Content for Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary and pastor at Upper Dublin Lutheran Church in Ambler, PA and

    Associate Professor of Media Studies and Sociology at the University of Texas in Austin.

    Assistant Professor in Theological Studies and Vice President for Enrollment Services and Educational Technologies at Dallas Theological Seminary.


    Professor of Educational Leadership at Luther Seminary in Minnesota.

    Founder and Head of the Tech Chaplaincy Institute and doctoral student in Information Science at University of Colorado-Boulder

    Chief product officer at hybrid ministry development company Learning Forte, and Doctoral candidate in Educational Media at Teachers College, Columbia University.