• Report 1
    When Pastors Put on the ❝Tech Hat❞

    How Churches Digitized during COVID-19

  • Report 1 analyzes themes from 50 Tech Talk Sessions with 478 church leaders hosted by the Center for Congregations in 2020 and 2021 discussing their technology use during the pandemic. This report looks at different churches' choices to implement digital media, and the unique technological demands they discovered in moving from traditional offline church, to doing online and hybrid forms. Report 1 centers on responses to five questions emerging from these discussions, specifically:


    Who are the people making technological decisions within churches right now?


    What challenges have churches faced in using and implementing technology during the pandemic?


    What were the prominent issues churches encountered in their transitioning of services into a new platform and a new culture?


    Are there any success stories worth noting or examples of unexpected outcomes or results of using technology?


    Is technology use in church worship or ministry described as something to do simply to get through pandemic restrictions, or as a potential long-term strategy?

  • Report 1

    Campbell, Heidi A, and Osteen, Sophia (2021). When Pastors put on the “Tech Hat”: How Churches Digitized during Covid-19. Available electronically from https://oaktrust.library.tamu.edu/handle/1969.1/194959

    Executive Summary

    Campbell, Heidi A (2021). Report 1- Executive Summary of "When Pastors put on the “Tech Hat”: How Churches Digitized during Covid-19". Available electronically from https://oaktrust.library.tamu.edu/handle/1969.1/194972


    Both Report 1 & the Executive Summary are open access

    available through the OAKTrust Digital Repository, based at Texas A&M University.

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    These papers provide a concise, but in-depth analysis of key findings about churches and leaders engagement with technology discussed in project reports found above.

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