• Project-Recommended Digital Resources

    Training and tech resources

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    Training Tech Teams & Volunteers

    (sites offering advice on training and equipping church tech teams and workers)


    • Best Technical Support Courses- This link offers different online Google training options. You can pick from Google IT Support, Technical Support Fundamentals, IBM IT Support, Introduction to Technical Support, and many more. Most of these courses are free. This can be helpful to provide technology training for any staff or volunteers online. This is a link to the general site. We recommend the courses: Technical Support Fundamentals
    • How to Become a Tech Support Specialist - This is an article on Careerist on "How to become a tech support specialist." The article walks you through the necessary steps to get tech training and advice on how to enter the field.
    • 12 Free Online Course Sites for Growing Your Tech Skills - This is an article that gathered 12 free online course sites to improve your tech skills. This was posted during the pandemic to help people who were not technologically savvy and help them enter the new internet-based world. It lists different sites, and then does an in-depth analysis of the pros/cons of each site.
    • Free IT Certifications and Courses to Elevate Your Career - This article complies with different training/ tech support programs and highlights the advantages of each program.
    • LF! Hub by Learning Forte – This on-demand learning site for faith-based organizations includes free and low-cost series and à la carte tutorials on topics in hybrid ministry, technology & media, and more.
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    Tech Support Forums and Advice

    (sources offering guides, blogs, & principles related to church technology decision-making and implementations)


    • Tech Forum - Community Discussion of Church Technology - This is a forum for technology in churches. It's called Community Discussion of church Technology by Global Sevice Center. You can ask and answer questions that are technology-based in your church.
    • Audio, Video, Lighting Help! -This is a forum for churches called Tech Knowledge Base. It offers a space to ask questions about audio, visual, and lighting.
    • Church Redditt Forum - This is a Reddit forum on Church Technology. You can also ask and answer questions about anything you need in the church tech realm.
    • Church Sound and Media Tech Group - This is a Facebook group for tech support as a forum.
    • Church Media and Tech FB group - This is a Facebook group for church media and technology.
    • 15 Facebook Groups that Will Actually Help Your Church - This is a blog post on resources that will help your church's technology. It goes through different communication church needs, social media, and how to organize groups for your church that focus on different technology needs.
    • Church online Platform- This site is organized into different categories and technology help. It offers setup, video streaming, FAQs, additional setup support, and more. It mostly focuses on live streaming in churches.
    • The Ultimate Church Tech Survival Guide - This is a blog on best practices and recommendations for technology within the church. It offers advice on web presence, social media, blogging, and more.
    • Free Tech For Small Churches - Resources for good general basics to help a church take small steps into the technology world. These resources are free and vary in purpose. They offer suggestions to use tools like Canva to make graphics for the church, the app YouVersion as an online free bible app for on-the-go reading of the Gospel, WordPress for free and easy website startups, and many more ideas.
    • The Definitive Guide to Church Technology 2024 - This blog is called "The Definitive Guide to church technology 2024." This blog was written in 2019 and then updated in 2023 for the most recent best practices. It has tips on what resources to use, like Slack for church communication, utilizing Google Drive, etc.
    • Top 10 Chruch Technology Resources - This site has more advanced technology and needs resources. It is not a basic "how to use Zoom" to connect to ministry. This blog is good for medium-sized churches that already have mastered the basics of technology within the church. It is A good tool to advance from the foundational tech steps.
    • 8 Valuable Resources For Anyone Running The Screens At Their Church - This is a blog with tutorials on how to connect technology within the church. It is more focused on running tech INSIDE the church, for example, the use of screens and subtitles during worship songs.
    • 15 Amazing Church Growth Tools - This is a blog on the instruments needed to grow a church through technology tools. It offers tech advice and social media advice to grow a congregation.  
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    Advice on Using Social Media

    (guides and best practices related to using social media for ministry and marketing)


    • A How-to Guide to Church Facebook Groups - This is a guide on how to navigate Facebook groups to help organize communication through technology.
    • Best Practices For Facebook- This resource offers best practices for social media, mostly Facebook-focused.
    • 7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners in 2024 - This site offers Social media best practices from a marketing point of view.
    • Social Media Training 101 - This is a Social Media beginner's guide and walks you through different goals you should have when starting an account.
    • How to use FB as a beginner - This site walks you through how to set up a Facebook account. It walks you through making an account, setting up a profile, privacy settings, etc.
    • How to Use Instagram - This site explains how to use Instagram. It tells the reader how to sign up for Instagram and understand the different elements that the app has.
    • Instagram 101-This is another step-by-step guide on how to use Instagram and all of its features.
    • How to Use X: For Beginners - This is a site that shows how to use X (formally known as Twitter), it has videos and FAQs about the app.
    • Social Media Gospel -by Meredith Gould – With the caveat that some platforms have come and gone in their importance, this book is a practical introduction to communications ministry for congregations. 
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    Advice on Using Zoom

    (providing advice related to using Zoom for recording and streaming sermons & church activities online)


    • How to Create a Zoom Account and Host a Meeting.- The University of North Carolina set up a guide with pictures. The guide demonstrates how to set up and host a meeting on Zoom. The guide takes you through how to set up an account and learn the basics of setting up Zoom. It does not give many specifics that may be required to learn (microphone, adding participants, reactions, the use of the chat, etc).
    • A Beginner’s Guide to Using Zoom- A beginners guide for Zoom. It gives descriptions of each step, which are numbered, to walk you through the process. It does not have many photos, mostly focusing on descriptions, but it is very organized. It discusses how to register, how to start a meeting, how to use the mobile app, how to schedule a meeting, and how to invite participants to the meeting.
    • Zoom Tutorial for Beginners - This video is an in-depth video for visual learners on how to set up your Zoom and its basic functions. It walks through hosting a meeting, joining a Zoom, the meeting video controls, inviting people to a Zoom meeting, managing participants in a meeting, sharing screen, using the chat, gallery, and speaker view settings, ending a Zoom meeting, scheduling a zoom meeting, profile and settings, and troubleshooting. The video is 40 minutes in duration.
    • How To Use Zoom- This is a short video on more Zoom basics. The video walks someone through hosting or attending a meeting/class/conference/lecture/call online with Zoom. It also shows someone how to share video, audio, screen/windows, document cameras, whiteboards, chats, and much more. The video is 13 minutes in duration.
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    Tech Conferences for Churches

    (tech training and teaching events )


    • CFX 2024- This is a conference for church teams to see new media and technology options for their church and staff.
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    Hiring Church Tech Workers

    (spaces where you can recruit or hire people searching to help churches with their tech issues as a job)